Frequently Asked Questions

What common mistakes do people make when hiring an attorney?

They base their decisions on:

  • Win/loss ratios – when the most cost effective approach is to avoid litigation.
  • Experience – what’s important is competence and results, not simply time on the job.
  • Size of the firm – effective legal representation can be achieved in any size firm; it’s the costs that vary dramatically.

What should I be considering when hiring an attorney?

Here’s what business owners have told us is important:

  • Chemistry – Do I feel comfortable with the attorney? Do his/her actions indicate a genuine interest in my welfare? Do I trust the attorney to give me the information I need to make an informed decision including risks/rewards/costs associated with each alternative strategy.
  • Proactive – Does the attorney look for ways to help me avoid legal problems or is his/her role simply to fix problems when they occur?
  • Open minded – Does the attorney make me feel that our decisions are collaborations or is a course of action dictated to me?
  • Strategic – Does the attorney consider the practical impact his or her legal advice would have on my business? If not, additional problems may be created.
  • Accessibility – Will the attorney be available when I need him/her?
  • Pragmatic – Does the attorney look for a good balance between risk, reward and cost? For it’s in this balance that the best decisions are made.

What makes The Enterprise Law Group different?

One of the key elements is that we’ve created a consortium of attorneys rather than using the more traditional “managing partners” structure. We find that this helps our clients in a couple of ways:

  • It allows us to help them to avoid many of the costs associated with partnership structure, which enhances the ROI our client’s enjoy on their investment with us.
  • Our structure allows our attorneys more freedom to do what’s in the best interests of their clients. Our attorneys are not subject to managing partner mandates.

Can an attorney really be proactive?

Absolutely. We have devised preventive programs to assess, update and monitor your operations in light of the ever-changing legal landscape. This ongoing assessment, monitoring and updating of your policies, practices and procedures assures not only legal compliance but effective business practices to help you grow your business profitably.

Are fees an indicator of the quality of the advice or service I’ll get?

We don’t think so. In a traditional law firm, the managing partners dictate the hourly rates the attorneys charge and those rates include overhead and other costs you incur. These added costs do not add to the value of legal services delivered, nor do they necessarily correlate to the experience or capability of the attorney you work with.

What are your fees? How do you bill?

Unlike many firms that only use an hourly rate fee structure, we offer a variety of fee arrangements to fit both the service you desire and your budget. These arrangements include:

  • Fixed fees
  • Incentive-based fees
  • Monthly fees
  • Or when appropriate, hourly fees

How can you offer guarantees?

While no one can guarantee the outcome of a particular case, especially in litigation, many firms shift all of the financial risk to their clients by virtue of the hourly fee arrangement. We’ve developed programs where we share that risk, thereby demonstrating a true partnership with our clients.